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               Who We Are

As Energy Advisors/Brokers, we are neither consultants nor contractors. Unlike these other professionals, our clients do not pay us for our advice or products.  Rather, we help our clients, At No Cost, to analyze potential energy savings solutions.  We get paid only if we are successful by the supplier(s) our clients choose.  In this way our interests are aligned with those of our clients.  Call 7 days 772-245-6267

               What We Do

 We do not sell anything.  We will conduct a mini-auction to find you the best supply prices for the most optimal terms.  We find you the best contractors and vendors.  We help you evaluate bids.  We help you negotiate price.  We keep an eye on your project. We help our clients take advantage of market conditions for fixed pricing.  We will not charge you when your work is done. Call 7 days 772-245-6267

              How We Do It

We join with businesses, property  owners, and real estate investment managers to explore whether you can lower operating costs from solar and other technologies.  We also identify integrated energy efficiency solutions that lowers electricity, gas, and fuel consumption energy costs, enhancing your asset value and helping hedge against energy market price fluctuations.  Call 7 days 772-245-6267

Thank you for visiting.  It's exciting every time!  Did you know, one hour of sunlight that hits the Earth is enough to meet global energy demands for an entire year?  Did you know businesses can reprice their electric and gas utilities for lower, fixed cost?  Energy Efficiency Management is the Fastest-Growing Industry in the USA. That's a Big Deal! Call 7 days to claim your Free Gift for your $0 No Obligation Ouote!  772-245-6267 

No Money Down. 100% Financing.  More info:>                   
Home Improvement Financing Govt. Rebate For Solar Energy Upgrades.  
The US solar market had its biggest year ever in 2016, nearly doubling its previous record and adding more electric generating capacity than any other source of energy for the first time ever.  Over the next five years, the cumulative US solar market is expected to nearly triple in size, even as a slight dip is expected in 2017. 


The global solar energy market was valued at $86 billion in 2015, and is projected to reach $422 billion by 2022, growing at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 24.2% from 2016 to 2022.  The growth of the solar energy market is driven by increase in environmental pollution and provision of government incentives & tax rebates to install solar panels.



How Solar Works

COLLECT ENERGY:  Solar panels collect energy from the sun. When sunlight hits the solar panels, photovoltaic (PV) cells convert sunlight to direct current (DC) electricity.

POWER YOUR HOME:  The inverter then converts the DC current from the sun into AC power, which is the power used in your home.

RECEIVE CREDIT:  The excess electricity goes into the grid and you receive a credit on your account.


Call 24-7 how to info message for Your No Obligation $0 Down FREE Solar Proposal.  888-244-1870




Improve Your Home Value, Your Finances, and Our World.

Data shows Solar increases the FMV (fair market value) of your home by 10%-15%.  Making Solar Energy an Investment – Not Just an Expense. 



Commercial Solar Energy                                                             Most commercial building owners want energy savings too, but to date have been daunted by the high costs and complexities of going solar.  We take all that makes commercial solar energy high cost and complex – simplifying it.  



Solar Energy Farm Tenant Seeks Rent

$5,000+ Monthly Rent For Your Spare Rooftop or Land Space.  Spare a portion of your building rooftop or piece of the land you're not using to receive rental income for 20 years+



Remote Solar!  It's Like Having Invisible Solar Panels     

COMMUNITY SOLAR Is An Alternative Way To Buy Solar Energy Power.  No panels on your roof.  No appointments to your home.  No maintenance or worry.  Go solar even if you do not own property - only a utility bill is required. 


We're Seeking Talent PT/FT.  Unleash Your Human Potential.  Get Paid Saving The Planet.  Free Member Sign Up:>



We Love and Appreciate Your Referrals.  As A Way Of Giving Back To Our Supportors, We Offer An Easy Way To Honor Your House Of Worship, A Nonprofit Close To Your Heart,  First Responders, Members Of Law Enforcement, Firefighters, EMTs, and the Military (active, retired, reserve, and veteran) that you're thankful for their service and commitment to the community, and we would love to help you show your support.  Simply Refer Friends, Family Members and Loved Ones Who Go Solar, and We Will Donate $500.00 To Your Church, Nonprofit or First Responder of choice.  Start Today! Call me direct 7 days 772-24LOANS


FYI, I’m not only a business owner and entrepreneur, I’m also a client.  Going Solar my utility cost 60% less!  I'm passionate about solar energy for many reasons. It's free to install, it saves my customers money each month, and it's the right thing to do for the  environment and the health of future generations.  Please feel free to contact me direct 7 days with any questions.  772-24LOANS

                                                                                                                                                                     More about us:>$0-DOWN-SOLAR-FOR-EVERYONE/ABOUT-JORGE-DIAZ-jR

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